Supporting Women in Construction

Mujeres de Altura


At Uribe Schwarzkopf, it is capacity, not gender, that accompanies us.


In 2019, we established the Mujeres de Altura (Women of Height) initiative, which empowers women to work in the construction industry both by offering training and employment opportunities on Uribe Schwarzkopf job sites. This program was created to support women who have difficulties finding formal employment, especially out-of-work single mothers and women who have not been able to finish school.

As construction is a traditionally male-dominated profession, we are working with the contractors we employ to aim for 10% of our workforce on job sites to be women. The program has already proven enormously successful in achieving its target, including more women within the construction projects, and creating an environment more tolerant and respectful between men and women.

Beyond Mujeres de Altura, Uribe Schwarzkopf has a strong commitment to empowering women. In our offices, more than half of Uribe Schwarzkopf’s team are women, with women occupying important positions across departments, including engineering, architecture, finance, human resources, public relations, marketing, sales, customer service, and building administration.

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