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Supporting Women in Construction

Mujeres de Altura


At Uribe Schwarzkopf, it is capacity, not gender, that accompanies us.


In 2019 we launched the Mujeres de Altura initiative, which seeks to include and empower more women in different roles in construction, as well as improve relationships between men and women, by ending discrimination and fighting

Construction has traditionally been a male-dominated area. We work with our contractors to guarantee that 10% of the workforce in our construction sites are women.

The program has proven to be successful. We have generated opportunities to access to a formal employment for women from low-income households, most of whom were unable to complete their education and are the heads of their families. At the construction sites, the relations between women and men have become more tolerant and respectual. We have reached and exceeded our 10% goal.

At Uribes Schwarzkop´s headquarters and offices, more than half of our team are women. We have ensured the participation of women in leadership positions; more
than half of the heas of different areas are women.

We are aligned with SDGs 1, 5 and 8: End of Poverty, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth.