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Encouraging Entrepreneurship



Founded by Michelle Arévalo-Carpenter and Daniela Peralvo in 2014, IMPAQTO supports a group of thriving community change agents. There are three arms of the organization: co-working spaces, where people rent desk space or offices; labs where IMPAQTO mentors and accelerates start-ups powered by Google Developers Launchpad; and consulting service where the organization partners with businesses to help them better promote innovation. Partners include DHL, Urban Entrepreneurship Challenge, and Diners Club. IMPAQTO is Ecuador’s first for-profit, certified B-Corps.

We are an important partner for IMPAQTO. One of its main and most innovative venues in Quito is located inside El Antiguo Pobre Diablo, a space recovered, remodeled and renovated by Uribe Schwarzkopf, and recognized as an emblematic creative center in the city. In 2018, Uribe & Schwarzkopf commissioned Daniel Moreno Flores to develop the concept for IMPAQTO within the space. The resulting project combined the old with the new to create a space both authentic and contemporary. IMPAQTO now compromises parts of the “old house,” making reference to the old factory structure, as well as the newly designed spaces of the edification.

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