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Revitalizing Cultural Heritage

Antiguo Pobre Diablo

El antiguo probre diablo

El Antiguo Pobre Diablo is a multifunctional space that includes a restaurant specializing in Ecuadorian cuisine (Terra), a coworking space (IMPAQTO) and an art gallery (N24 Galería de Arte), which preserves the historic space that housed the El Pobre bar Diablo, formerly the epicenter of Quito's creative culture.

Originally a 1950s coffee factory, El Pobre Diablo restaurant and bar, which opened in 2000 in Quito's La Floresta district, was a vibrant cultural center for 17 years. A platform for live music, local gastronomy and art, where artists, designers, musicians, politicians, thinkers and opinion leaders met to eat, have a cup of coffee and talk, to share stories or enjoy the musical and artistic offer of the place.

El antiguo pobre diablo

In 2017 El Pobre Diablo closed its doors, despite continuing to be a cultural benchmark, business had slowed down daily, although it continued to be an important cultural center. Interested in maintaining the creative vocation of El Pobre Diablo, in 2018, Uribe Schwarzkopf commissioned local architect Daniel Moreno Flores to develop a revitalization concept for the project, which honors and celebrates the history of the building. That same year the restoration began that reinvented the site in its original location, maintaining its essence as a catalyst for a space where anything is possible.

The new vision of El Pobre Diablo creates a multifunctional space that promotes co-creation, community, creativity, and cultural and gastronomic experiences. We are pleased to have preserved the historic architectural features of the original building and the creative and cultural tradition of El Pobre Diablo, and to create a mixed-use space that houses three different complementary businesses.